The eldest son of a family that had already been gun makers for nearly two centuries, Claude Verney was born in Saint-Etienne in January 1800. In 1820, he took part in a “Concours d’Armurerie” held by the City of Saint-Etienne and won first prize, the just reward for a magnificent mounting on a carved gun stock. The Museum of Art and Industry now owns this work and ranks it among the most beautiful specimens of this era. This event marked the beginning of the firm (renamed Verney-Carron in 1830, after Claude Verney married Antoinette Carron, herself a daughter and grand-daughter of gunsmiths), as from the date of his marriage, Claude Verney decided to sign his name on his products.

Today Jean VERNEY-CARRON (6th generation), son of Claude is preparing to face this challenge.
The spirit of his ancestor has not been lost. Far from it, it exists in every gun, in every receiver, in every barrel produced in the boulevard Thiers workshops.

Verney Carron Wapens

SL 1040

SL 1060

SX Elegance

SX Supreme


combinemallette Polynox

Speedline Gator Linkshandig

Speedline Rechtshanding


Super-posé Adjustable cal.12 Trap

Juxta-posé cal.12 Magnum

Juxta-posé cal.20 Magnum

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